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Honor Brothers Industry Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, it is a supplier of application and solution for rubber and plastic products , It commits to provide research and development for rubber and plastic products for global users.
After more than ten years of development, Honor Brothers industry has become a very mature and powerful manufacturer for rubber and plastic customized products.  Especially in the field of auto parts and automotive supplies , high-end rubber flooring for animal husbandry , Honor brothers industry has become a well-known brand.
All the products are welcomed both in China and overseas, such as Japan, America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, more than 40 countries and regions.

Corporate History

  • In 2008, Bought 10 small flat vulcanizing machine, 35 internal mixer and 16 open mill , production of various of small custom rubberparts, auto parts
  • In 2011, Bought 1.5m x 1.5m medium vulcanizing machine, production of molded rubber mats
  • In 2012, Bought drum vulcanizing machine, began to produce high-performance rubber sheet roll .  
  • In 2015, The production line of rubber materials mixing was comprehensively upgraded
  • In 2018, Bought 2.5m X 2.5m large flat vulcanizing machine to produce large molded rubber mats / plate /sheet and large rubber custom parts / products .
  • In 2020 , Invested 100,000 grade clean injection molding workshop and started to produce PP PVC laboratory tubes
  • In 2022, Always developing...

Our Products

Honor Brothers industry specialized in auto parts and automotive supplies, in the high-end medical equipment accessories, medical experimental equipment supplies, household appliances and machinery rubber & plastic accessories, rubber bed mat for trucks , kitchen and indoor & outdoor non-slip mat, silicone foam plate mat, in the high-end ground shop, high-end animal husbandry rubber pads, large rubber & plastic seal, high-end custom plastic products, such as various kinds of test tube .

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Our Culture

Since its establishment, the company has developed steadily and rapidly to become strong and has a certain scale, which is closely related to the corporate culture of our company.


Core idea: Honor Brothers industry, constantly beyond the self

Enterprise mission: sincere service to customers, create wealth together.

Create a better world , business and society are mutually beneficial .

The main characteristics

The primary characteristic : Dare to innovate, that means, dare to rush, dare to try, dare to think and dare to do.

Core characteristic : Adhere to integrity, integrity is the core of Honor
Brothers industry, We will always adhere to.

Caring for employees: invest a lot of money in staff training every year, and constantly improve the comprehensive ability of employees.

To do the best: Big vision, high standards for work, the pursuit of "make all
work into quality ".

Why Choose Us


Rich experience in OEM and ODM.

and development

Experienced and powerful first-class research and development team .


Full coverage of rubber products from small to super large and injection molding in 100,000 grade clean workshop.


Comprehensive service from replying to inquiry to after product sale, including but not limited to prompt product quotation, design, drawing, free samples, product installation, product use and so on.


Factory Environment

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